7: Video

  1. Download Panda.avi
  2. Verify, that this video will (probably) not play on your computer.
  3. This video can be converted using www.mediaconverter.org
  4. However, only five conversions are possible per day with free account. Therefore, download pre-converted video: PandaWMV.wmv
  5. Create a PowerPoint show with 2 slides, and insert Panda.wmv on both slides.
  6. Let the video on the first slide start automatically
  7. Set the video on the second slide to start when clicked.

NB: Always, always, always check the video on another computer to verify that it plays before trying it on the podium at a conference.... 

The safest way to ensure playback is to use the laptop on which you originally created the PowerPoint show with the video.

Created by Samuel Thrysøe © 2012