12: SmartArt

  1. Create a blank slide
  2. Choose layout: Title + Content 
  3. Click the SmartArt button in the empty text field
  4. Choose a category and graphic
  5. Enter bullet points in the left column
  6. Animate the slide using fade
  7. Click effect options and change the timing to “One by one”

Smart Objects:

  1. Try inserting figures from the figure pane: a thick block arrow (blue circle), a star (red circle), and a plus (expand the figure pane using the dropdown button (yellow circle)).
You can also insert from the Insert menu -> Figures
  2. Notice the yellow adjustment handles on the figures, which can be used to adjust the figures, their width, size etc.
  3. Try adjusting the figures.
Created by Samuel Thrysøe © 2012