5: Animating PDF Graphs

  1. Download the pdf file: VitaminD.pdf
  2. Find Figure 3 on the fourth page and zoom in until the figure fills the screen.
  3. Copy the left pane of Figure 3:
    1. If the camera button on the PDF toolbar (Snapshot) is not present:
      1. Right click the PDF toolbar
      2. Choose Edit/Rediger->Snapshot.
    2. Click the Snapshot button and draw a selection around the left pane of Figure 3.
      If you did it correctly, a dialog box will appear saying the image has been copied.
  4. Launch Paint:
    1. Click Start Button (bottom left corner) and enter the text: Paint in the text field.
    2. Press Return.
  5. Paste the figure into Paint (Ctrl+V or Edit->Paste).
  6. Crop the figure so only the figure itself is present.
    1. Use the Mark tool (dotted square) to select the graph.
    2. Click the Crop button
  7. Save this version of the figure containing all three groups as vit_final
  8. Delete the top graph (1.4% UVB) by painting over it using white squares:
    1. Select the square drawing tool.
    2. Click "Fill" and select solid color.
    3. Click "Contour" and select none.
    4. Repeatedly, draw white squares over the top line and p-values until it is gone.
    5. To fine-tune the drawing, select the brushes tool and change the color of Color 1 to white.
  9. Save this version of the graph containing two lines as vit_no14.
  10. Delete the middle graph similarly and save it as vit_no05.
  11. Delete the bottom graph, save as vit_blank (this version only contains the axes).
  12. Create an empty PowerPoint slide and insert each of the four images. 
  13. Order the images in the following order:

    1. You can use “Selection pane/valgrude” to ease this part.
  14. Click the Animation pane
  15. Add wipe/vifte to the first 3 images:
    1. Set the timing to “On click”.
    2. Change the direction to appear "From left"
      1. Click the "Effect Options" button to the right of the animations.
      2. Choose "From left".
Created by Samuel Thrysøe © 2012