8: Progress bars

  1. Download ProgressBar.ppt
  2. First, add a rectangle to the master at the very bottom (see the image above).
  3. On slide 1, add a textbox to the bottom and write Introduction in it. Center the text.
  4. Copy the textbox four times. Move one of the copies to the very right of the slide.
  5. Align the textboxes to the bottom and distribute them horizontally.
  6. Write Introduction, Hypothesis, Methods, Results, and Conclusion into each of the text-boxes.
  7. Re-color the final four textboxes to a darker color
  8. Copy the textboxes to each of the slide. Change the highlighted textbox to the appropriate one as the header changes (use the format painter).
  9. View the slideshow and enjoy the fruits of your labor!
Created by Samuel Thrysøe © 2012